Tuesday , August 15th

Morning:              A. General session 1

                             B: General session 2

Afternoon:          A: The roles of natural history collections in exploring biodiversity.
                             (CETAF, Brecht Verstraete)

                             B: Linking extant and extinct taxa - Integrative approaches to systematics.                                                                   (NOBIS Austria, Omri Bronstein)


Wednesday, August 16th

Morning:              A: General Session 3

                             B: The evolution and diversity of asexual organisms.
                             (GfBS, Elvira Hörandl)

Afternoon:          A: Next Generation Systematics.
                             (The International Organization of Plant Biosystematists, Karol Marhold, Sandra Knapp and Vicki Funk)

                             B: Reconstructing Deep Metazoan Phylogeny.

                             (Svenska systematikföreningen, Ulf Jondelius)

Evening: Mingle at the Natural history museum of Gothenburg

Thursday, August 17th

Morning:              A: Taxonomy and systematics research in Scandinavia. (Whole-day)
                             (ForBio, Artdatabanken, Artsdatabanken, Hugo de Boer)

                             B: The future of scientific communication in biodiversity science.

                             (Swiss Systematics Society, Donat Agosti)

Afternoon:          A: Taxonomy and systematics research in Scandinavia. (Whole-day)
                             (ForBio, Hugo de Boer)

                             B: New approaches to teaching and outreach in biodiversity science.

                             (Svenska systematikföreningen, Nils Cronberg)


Evening:              17.15 – 19.15:   Membership assembly of the Society for Biological Systematics (GfBS)



Friday, August 18th

Morning:             A: DNA-barcoding and the future of biodiversity monitoring.

                             (GfBS, Matthias Geiger)

                             B: The role of morphology in modern systematics.
                             (UK Systematics Association, Mark Wilkinson)

Afternoon:          A: Automatic identification of organisms.

                             (Svenska systematikföreningen (Fredrik Ronquist group), Miroslav Valan)

                             B: Identification and avoidance of sources of error in phylogeny inference.

                             (GfBS, Torsten Struck and Patrik Kück)

Conference Centre Wallenberg, Medicinaregatan 20a, Göteborg

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